Peru would surpass all of South America and have the

Peru would surpass all of South America and have the most expensive tickets to 2026 qualifiers

Just weeks after qualifying for the Canada-USA-Mexico 2026 World Cup began, South American teams are gearing up for their debut. In addition, the prices for tickets and season tickets for the home games in the Conmebol qualification process have been announced. What stands out in this list is that Peru is the country with the most expensive stadium tickets, according to the comparison by the newspaper El Mercurio de Chile.

In a table from the Chilean environment, quoted by the portal Sin Falta, the Peru team far surpasses teams like Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, which usually qualify for the FIFA World Cup. It should be noted that the data extracted from these countries is that of previous qualifiers “Inflation Correction from Date to Today”. This shows that the average price of the Bicolor is almost twice that of the Albiceleste and more than five times that of the Verdeamarela.

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According to the above chart, where the numbers are in dollars, Paraguay has the lowest average qualifier ticket value at $16. they follow him Brazil ($23) year Venezuela ($33). la Red and white ($125), Ecuador ($112) year Chile ($94) have the most expensive tickets.

Peru would surpass all of South America and have the

What are the bicolor subscription prices?

Regarding the prices for the nine local duels in Peru, the remuneration is between 1,080 soles and 7,650 soles.

  • North: 1,080 soles
  • Approximately: 1,080 soles
  • Lateral East: 3,119 soles
  • Central East: 3,780 soles
  • West side: 4,500 suns
  • Occidente Central: 5,580 soles
  • Pullman: 7,650 soles