1674596605 Peru vs Argentina How much bookmakers pay for South America

Peru vs Argentina: How much bookmakers pay for South America U-20 game?

Peru vs Argentina How much bookmakers pay for South America

Check this note to see how much the Bicolor party pays for day four of the South American competition.

Virtually eliminated from the South American U-20 squad, the Peruvian side play Argentina in the fourth round of the tournament, a side who need to win to define their pass to the finals against hosts Colombia. The side, led by Jaime Serna, are the worst team in Group A after not winning, conceding six and scoring just one in three games.

The sports betting houses are aware of this and for this reason give the Albiceleste, managed by Javier Mascherano, as the big favourite. Check the forecasts.

Peru vs Argentina: Bookmaker Odds

  • Betson: wins Peru (8.50) | Tie (5.00) | Argentina (1.26)
  • Doradobet: wins Peru (9.00) | Tie (5.00) | Argentina (1.26)
  • Meridian bet: wins Peru (8.95) | Tie (5.37) | Argentina (1.25)
  • I bet you: wins Peru (8.17) | Tie (4.88) | Argentina (1.29).

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Peru vs. Argentina: possible alignments

  • Peru: amasifuen; Paredes, Sanchez, Villacorta, Amasifuén; Carhuallanqui, Aguirre; Vasquez, Cabellos, Vasquez and Portugal.
  • Argentina: Gomes Gerth, Giay, Di Lollo, Gómez, Génez, Perrone, González, Infantino, Fernández, Puch and Aguirre.

When are Peru vs Argentina LIVE?

  • Peru, Colombia, Ecuador: 5 p.m
  • Bolivia, Venezuela: 6 p.m
  • Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay: 7 p.m