Peru They file a complaint against the 19 ministers of

Peru: They file a complaint against the 19 ministers of the Boluarte cabinet

Poll shows little Peruvian support for President Boluarte

Dina Boluarte. Photo: Latin Press.

This Saturday, Peruvian MP Kelly Portalatino filed a complaint against the 19 ministers who make up the cabinet of President-elect Dina Boluarte, who reiterated the day before that she would remain in office despite demonstrations calling for her resignation.

Portalatino of the Peru Libre party pointed out that the constitutional complaint he had filed against the entire Boluarte cabinet related to the alleged commission of manslaughter and serious injuries to citizens.

Following the impeachment by Congress of President Pedro Castillo, who sworn in Boluarte as President-elect on December 7, Thousands of citizens demonstrated and demanded the resignation of the president and the closure of Parliament and the establishment of a Constituent Assembly.

The protests were crushed by the security forces, leaving nearly 50 dead and hundreds injured and arrested.

“We request that a special parliamentary process be used to determine the possible responsibilities of these officials,” Portalatino said in the complaint, which he submitted to the Legislative Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations.

This Friday, Boluarte held its first public demonstration since the Juliaca massacre in Puno department, where 17 protesters were killed by Peruvian security forces.

In his speech, Boluarte partially acknowledged possible responsibilities in the repression, but assured that he would remain in office.

“If we made a mistake in finding peace and tranquility, I apologize to the Peruvian people,” he said, but immediately declared, “I will not resign. My commitment is to Peru and not to this tiny group that is making the country bleed.”

In this context, the Boluarte government has radicalized its policy of persecuting opposition leaders after arresting seven social leaders from the city of Ayacucho on Thursday.

This Friday, hundreds of people demonstrated in this Peruvian region demanding the release of their companions.

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