Pepa Baldessari How was your first day at the Callao

“Pepa” Baldessari: How was your first day at the Callao regional government?

According to Peruvian television, cameras mirrored the complicated economic panorama of the ‘Pepa’ Baldessarithe governor of Callao, Cyrus CastilloShe offered him a job related to his specialty: soccer. As is well known, the athlete — real name Horacio Raul Baldessari Guntero— played professionally for Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. How did the popular coach resume his professional life? What did he say? “Sábado con Andrés” documented this return. To continue, the details.

How was the first day at work for “Pepa” Baldessari?

In a conversation with Cyrus Castillowho received him with a warm “Welcome Home”, “Pepa” recognized that vices were “on the rise” among young people.

On the green area of ​​the Miguel Grau Stadium in Callao, the coach addressed a few words of hope to the population: “The figures of the future will grow here, and that’s what we want: children get off the streets”.

He also took the opportunity to thank those who had approached him and bet on his talent. “I want Dr. Many thanks to Ciro Castillo who had the good will and intention to make me return to the sport and another very special greeting to you Andrés for being the same guy as always. You’re still the friend,” he noted.

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What did ‘Pepa’ Baldessari say before he got the job in Peru?

The ex-footballer revealed to Andrés Hurtado that he arranged all his papers to go to Argentina and spend his final years in the house his parents left him.

“I’m going to my city, to San Francisco. I’m already 64 years old, the little roof that my old lady left me … and to end my life there, because at 64 life doesn’t give you much revenge either,” he said.