"People make songs and say things"This is what Ricardo Arjona said about the song dedicated to Piqué by Shakira and Bizarrap

"People make songs and say things"This is what Ricardo Arjona said about the song dedicated to Piqué by Shakira and Bizarrap

Shakira has caused a lot of controversy due to the release of her song along with Argentine producer Bizarrap dedicated to his ex-partner Gerard Piqué and the footballer’s new partner Clara Chía Martí.

In addition to the success on video and music platforms, the song has also sparked debate about whether Shakira did the right thing. by making a song with a letter dedicated to his ex-partner and criticizing him in some verses of the song.

There are many celebrities who have voiced their opinions on the subject and recently this has been the case Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona giving his opinion about Shakira’s song.

Arjona was at a private concert for the media on January 18th at a restaurant in Brooklyn, USAas part of his promotion for the “Blanco y Negro” tour, which will take place in 2023.

The concert also took place on the eve of his birthday. Number 59 which was on January 19th.

Arjona said that jokingly before the concert I wanted to ban two questions to the media.

“I wanted to say at the beginning of the conference that only two things are forbidden: One is to ask me how old I was and the other is to ask me about the song by Shakira‘ Said the Guatemalan singer.

After a few songs (he played eight songs at the concert), Arjona was asked about Shakira’s new song and what he thought about it.

“People make songs and say things and complain and materialize their point of view and their feelings through a song. Share it and then people will keep it to see how they take it‘ said the singer.

Arjona pointed out that there must have been “care”. regarding the songs trying to favor some social movements.

“You have to be very careful about something, because under the umbrella of social movements Let’s say feminism or gender freedom, extraordinary things were cooked, which put the characters in a better position of respect, which is exactly what they deserve. But we also have to understand that A lot of garbage is cooked under the same roof” Said the Guatemalan.

The Guatemalan added that one must also be careful with the content that is followed on the social networks of different artists.

“There are people who create content, and There are many fools who follow himYou have to understand that there is content that needs to be followed and other content that needs to be taken care of,” said Arjona.

Arjona starts his “Blanco y Negro” tour on April 28th in Seattle and will visit 23 cities in the United States.