Pentecostal churches attract migrant workers in the Gulf States    Liberation

Pentecostal churches attract migrant workers in the Gulf States Liberation


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Migrants, refugees… in the face of the Exodus file More and more exiles, often confronted with situations of extreme violence, find refuge in this religious current that advocates personal development.

Migrant workers from Asia converted to Pentecostalism in Qatar? Even if the information appears like a hoax, it is still a booming phenomenon, according to the English daily The Guardian. The newspaper collected testimonies from parishioners in the Gulf States.

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates… Migrant workers are omnipresent in the Gulf States. The 30 million, mostly from Asia, represent a considerable economic fortune. With good reason, the economy of these monarchies is based on this cheap labour. Every year tens of thousands of men and women leave their countries in search of a better life in the Gulf States. But when they get there, it’s a cold shower. Difficult working conditions, precarious wages, overtime, unworthy living conditions, nothing corresponds to what they hoped for in exile.

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Migrant workers from the Gulf States, sometimes without pay for months, are regularly confronted with situations of economic, social and even sexual violence. In the face of this misery, Pentecostal churches are discreetly weaving their web, relying on whatever material and spiritual support they can provide. ‘Cause in that bran…