Pensions, RSA, family allowances… discover the payment plan!     Once upon a time there was a pub

Pensions, RSA, family allowances… discover the payment plan! Once upon a time there was a pub

The Purchasing Power Act was published in the Official Journal. From now on, the implementation of all the measures contained therein must not be delayed any longer. These include the reassessment of old-age pensions and several allowances. Here is payment plan what to share.

Revaluation of pensions and allowances

A glimmer of hope for the French. This Wednesday, August 17th the long-awaited purchasing power law published in the Official Journal. Now everything is official. The measures provided for in this text come into force. Among the most important measures adopted by Parliament last July, we can mention: the 3.5% rent cap in France and emergency aid for households that heat with heating oil. As well as the tripling of the Macron bonus cap, the early reassessment of 3.5% of the personalized housing assistance (APL). But also the deconjugation of the disability allowance (AAH) in autumn, the abolition of the audiovisual license fee and the increase in the fuel discount.

However, One of the articles was rejected by the Constitutional Council. And this to the great desperation of the deputies who wanted it. Indeed, the change approval Reuse of frying oils used as fuel was rejected.

Purchasing Power Law: Article rejected by Council

That There is disappointment in the camp of environmentalists. As Franceinfo points out, the article was rejected because, according to the Wise Men, it had “no connection, even indirectly” with the provisions of the original Article 20 of the draft law. And this is assuming that truckers adjust the prices of their services to the price of energy.

“I had included this article after another on aspects of energy sovereignty, but the Senate moved it elsewhere and buried it by asking for a report,” Julien Bayou said. On the other hand, the revaluation of 4% of the pensions and several allowances appear in the final law. So here is the payment schedule for the items appearing in the final law including pensions, activity bonus and many others.

The Subsidy Payment Plan

The basic pension

the payment of the basic pension takes place on the 9th of the following month. The 4% revaluation should come into effect from July, ie on August 9th. However, the CNAV wanted to await the enactment of the law before proceeding with the application of this increase, which will therefore take effect with the September 9 payment. The catch-up for the July upgrade can also be paid for on this date.

The Active Solidarity Income (RSA)

the Active Solidarity Income (RSA) depends on the family allowance fund (CAF). Therefore, it must be paid on the 5th of the month. The 4% revaluation applied to the RSA therefore takes effect from the September 5 payment. And as with the basic pension, the law came into force too late for the Aug. 5 increase to appear. On the other hand, the July upgrade catch-up will be done automatically from August 18th.

The activity bonus

Also paid by CAF, activity bonus should also experience a 4% revaluation from the payout date of September 5, 2022. As of August 18, beneficiaries of this allowance will continue to receive the July Bonus.

Disabled Adult Allowance (AAH)

Disabled Adult Allowance (AAH) Also depends on the CAF. Therefore, the payment is made every 5th of the month. Thus, beneficiaries will increase their payment by 4% on September 5, 2022. However, from August 18th, the catch-up of the July revaluation can be paid automatically by the CAF.

family allowances

The 4% revaluation family allowances comes into force on September 5, 2022. However, beneficiaries will automatically receive the July revaluation catch-up fee from August 18th. And this as well as the allowance for disabled adults.

The back-to-school grant (ARS)

The back-to-school grant (ARS) will be paid in two installments this year. The first payment was already made by CAF on August 2nd in Mayotte and Réunion and on August 16th in mainland France, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana. However, this payment does not take into account the 4% revaluation, which occurs a second time on September 5th. According to our colleagues at Capital.

Personalized Housing Assistance (APL)

APL (Personalized Housing Assistance) were upgraded by 3.5% in the summer of 2022. However, this measure remains temporary. And this in order to be able to follow inflation. It was the subject of publication in a July 29 decree. However, it applies retrospectively to July 1, 2022. This increase also affects other housing benefits from the family benefits office. Like ALF and ALS.