Pelosi: Xi Jinping Behaves Like ‘Frightened Bully’ On Taiwan

Pelosi: Xi Jinping Behaves Like ‘Frightened Bully’ On Taiwan

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Chinese President Xi Jinping a “terrified tyrant” when asked about China’s military exercises in the region near Taiwan.

Pelosi, the “linchpin” of recent tensions between the United States and China on her recent visit to the island, has criticized the Chinese government’s response to the trip, saying Xi is concerned about the economy and his expected reappointment the Chinese Communist Party Committee in November.

“He’s struggling with the economy and he’s acting like a scared bully,” he said. “We didn’t go there to talk about China, but about Taiwan. It was our goal [discutir] Security, Economy and State”.

The speaker of the House of Representatives also criticized China’s alleged efforts to isolate Taiwan from the international community.

“He won’t stop congressmen from visiting Taiwan. We will not participate in Taiwan’s isolation,” she said, recalling a recent visit to the island by U.S. senators that made no “noise,” she said.

Pelosi was the first speaker of the US House of Representatives to visit the island in 25 years.

China regards Taiwan as part of its territory and officially seeks reunification through peaceful means; Taiwan’s government, on the other hand, is trying to back away from the hypothesis and is trying to gain international recognition.

The military exercises continue

Since Pelosi’s arrival on the island, China has announced a series of military exercises in the region near Taiwan, which have become the largest in history conducted by the Chinese central government.

In retaliation for the US, China has also suspended or canceled scheduled meetings and talks with the Joe Biden administration on areas including security, drug trafficking and climate change a focus of the Democratic administration.

On Tuesday (9), Taiwan conducted a simulation of defending the island with live artillery shells following China’s major military maneuvers around its territory, while accusing Beijing of preparing an invasion.