Pelosi: "We will not allow China to isolate Taiwan"

Pelosi: "We will not allow China to isolate Taiwan"

China on Wednesday announced the temporary end of maneuvers off Taiwan. The trigger for the maneuvers and the risk of war was the controversial visit by US politician Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has once again defended her controversial visit to Taiwan. “We will not allow China to isolate Taiwan,” the Democratic politician in Washington said on Wednesday. For example, the People’s Republic is preventing Taiwan from becoming a member of the World Health Organization. “But they don’t stop us from going to Taiwan,” Pelosi said.

There was criticism of his visit earlier in the month, mainly from China, but also from other countries. Referring to the US military’s assessment of the visit, Pelosi said: “I don’t remember them telling us not to travel.” Before Pelosi’s trip, Democratic President Joe Biden said, “I don’t think the military thinks it’s a good idea right now.”

In response to the US politician’s visit to Taiwan, China had been conducting large-scale military exercises around the island’s democratic republic for the past week and was also practicing a conquest. The Chinese leadership rejects official contacts from other countries with Taiwan because they see the island as part of the People’s Republic. On the other hand, Taiwan has long considered itself independent. Pelosi – by protocol number three in the US – was the highest-ranking US politician in Taiwan for a quarter of a century.

Main maneuvers completed so far

Also on Wednesday, the armed forces of the People’s Republic of China declared that their main maneuvers near Taiwan were over for now. The People’s Liberation Army’s Eastern Command said on Wednesday that “several tasks have been successfully completed”. Combat capability was “effectively tested” through military operations in maritime and air space. Beijing had already again threatened violent “reunification”.

However, changes in the situation in the Taiwan Strait would continue to receive attention. “Regular patrols” are planned. The military will “resolutely protect” China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, he said.

Leaflet photo of Taiwanese Air Force soldiers operating 35mm anti-aircraft gun in Taiwan Anti-aircraft guns at Taipei airport. Portal

Beijing again warned against taking Taiwan by military means if necessary. China will always go to great lengths to achieve peaceful reunification, according to a white paper on the Taiwan issue published by the Chinese government on Wednesday. “But we will not refrain from using force and we reserve the right to take the necessary measures.”

According to the Chinese leadership, foreign interference in Taiwan will not be tolerated. “The historic objective of reuniting our motherland must and will be realized.” China has made similar threats in the past.