Pedro Scoobys wifes postpartum attitude sparks controversy online and surfers

Pedro Scooby’s wife’s postpartum attitude sparks controversy online and surfers are reacting. Footage

Pedro Scooby justified his presence at a New Year’s Eve party with his wife Cintia Dicker while the couple’s newborn daughter Aurora remains in the maternity ward. know details!

Pedro Scooby countered his wife Cintia Dicker's criticism after attending a New Year's Eve party.

Pedro Scooby countered his wife Cintia Dicker’s criticism after attending a New Year’s Eve party.

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Peter Scooby and Cintia Dicker They experience tense moments since the birth of their daughter Aurora, the couple’s first, who has already endured two surgeries. But on the night of December 31st the surfer and the model treated themselves to a New Year’s Eve party alongside friends and family and the ex ‘BBB”s 3 children with Luana Piovani.

However, the celebration has been the subject of controversy on the internet. First due to the fact that Cintia had just left the maternity ward and her daughter was taken to the hospital and also after the redhead was spotted in a video drinking a sparkling wine.

Pedro Scooby responds to criticism from Internet users

With a calm tone, Pedro Scooby used his social network this Sunday (01) to talk about it. The athlete first explained the presence of the two at the party, while the newborn daughter remained in the hospital without her parents.

“Yesterday we had to go home because she [Cintia] was fired and I couldn’t sleep in the hospital because there are visiting hours that end. And we arrived here at home, there was a surprise New Year’s party for us to keep the kids entertained,” he explained. Without directly mentioning the criticism the woman had received, Pedro explained that the model actually did not drink alcohol, as many believed. “We managed to pop the midnight champagne. Of course, Cintia stayed with the nonalcoholic sparkling wine. But it was a lot of fun, it made everything a little easier, you could distract yourself,” he said. Eventually, Scooby revealed that…

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