1672702004 Pedro Scooby updates newborn daughters health status in ICU

Pedro Scooby updates newborn daughter’s health status in ICU

Pedro Scooby took to Instagram this Monday, January 2nd, to update his followers on the health of his newborn daughter. aurora. According to the surfer, the little one was able to drink milk for the first time: “I came home from the maternity ward, another good news today. Aurora had her first milk! Incredible news”.

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“Now Mama Cintia is already producing milk to deliver to our little Aurora. Thank god mom is full of milk and we are very happy. After a short time, the mother returns to the maternity ward,” she said.

Scooby explained that he will stay at home as he needs to spend time with the children who are going back to Portugal where they live with their mother Luana Piovani.

“I stay at home. I take the afternoon off with the children and also spend the night with them. Tomorrow they return to Portugal. Good news only. This year 2023 couldn’t start better! Cheers and thanks again for everyone’s prayers. In the maternity ward, dawn is continuing, but God willing, she’ll be home soon,” he concluded.


Last Sunday, January 1, the model shared a photo of her New Year’s Eve with her family on her Instagram Stories and vented.

“My safe haven right there. Yesterday at home because unfortunately the intensive care unit closes at night, with our family, with our decisions, our pain (and it hurts a lot), hoping that everything will work out and somehow find strength because our daughter needs us well. We asked God together to start the year with good news and He answered our request,” she said.

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Then the famous asked for more respect. “Let’s start the year with respect. Nobody knows what the other is feeling. Pray, stay with God and love in your heart,” he concluded.

The surfer is already father to Dom, ten, and twins Bem and Liz, seven, fruits of his relationship with Luana Piovani.

Cintia Dicker vented on social mediaCintia Dicker vented on social media Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@cintiadicker

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