Pedro Scooby shows pregnant woman and says if it’s a boy or a girl

Pedro Scooby shows pregnant woman and says if it’s a boy or a girl

Pedro Scooby reveals if baby with Cintia Dicker will be a boy or girl

The surfer and exBBB Pedro Scooby made a big revelation this Thursday afternoon (18) and by accident! He and his wife, the model and the actress Cintia DickerShe announced a few weeks ago that they are expecting their first baby together. The athlete is already the father of three children from his previous marriage to the actress. Luana Piovani. The oldest son, Dom, is 10 years old. And the twins Ben and Liz are 6 years old. Cintia, who is very attached to her stepchildren, becomes a mother for the first time.

the wife of Pedro Scooby will enter the 19th week of pregnancy next Friday (19), which corresponds to 5 months of pregnancy.
Recently, on her profile on a social network, the model answered a number of questions from netizens who were curious to know more details about the pregnancy. She revealed that the couple’s first heir will be born in Rio de Janeiro. Then the family returns to Portugal, where they live.

Cíntia shared what the main symptoms of the first months of pregnancy were: hunger and tiredness. A very special video was also shown, showing the children’s joy when they discovered they were about to have another baby sibling. However, she made a riddle and until then did not reveal whether she and her husband are expecting a girl or a boy. And it piqued fans’ curiosity when they say that as soon as she found out she was pregnant, she felt whether she was going to have a son or daughter, and that she and her husband had already chosen the baby’s name .

On Wednesday afternoon, Cintia Dicker shared the backstage area of ​​the parade she attended with a famous brand of women’s shoes. The super owl husband couldn’t resist seeing his wife walking the catwalks carrying his fourth heir in her belly! Pedro Scooby He proudly showed Cintia’s photo on the catwalk and explained: “My daughter is already on the catwalk”. The athlete then told everyone that he was the woman they would become parents of a little girl!

A few hours later, he returned to his social network profile and the surfer finally admitted that he had been waiting for the revelation! “I accidentally let go that it was a girl. And that’s it, I’m very happy.” Friend and also athlete Letícia Bufoni was on hand and joked: “He doesn’t even keep any money, he’ll keep it secret”. Scooby even said he was glad he will now have two boys and two girls.

With the reveal of her husband, Cintia released the baby’s possible name: Aurora. The model shared the meaning: “sunrise”, “dawn”. According to the text published by the actress, in Roman mythology Aurora was the goddess responsible for flying across the sky and heralding the beginning of a new day.

Pedro Scooby declares himself a wife and reveals they are going to have a girl

Reproduction Instagram Pedro Scooby declares himself to his pregnant wife and reveals that they are waiting for a girl

Pedro Scooby's wife reveals tummy and reveals baby's name

Reproduction Instagram Cintia Dicker, wife of Pedro Scooby, shows her belly and reveals the baby’s name

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