Pays des Bleuets CSS |  Bernard Drainville apologizes to CEO

Pays des Bleuets CSS | Bernard Drainville apologizes to CEO

Education Minister Bernard Drainville has apologized to the general manager of the Pays-des-Bleuets school service center in Lac-Saint-Jean, whose “inexperience” he blamed for his decision to close the nursery for 4 years.

Posted at 6:31 p.m


Last week Patrice Boivin announced that he had to close half of the 4-year Kindergarten classes at his school service center at the start of the next school year due to teacher shortages.

The next day, Minister Drainville regretted this decision, which he attributed to the lack of experience of the director general of this CSS. However, Mr. Boivin has more than 30 years of experience in the school environment, as a teacher but also as a manager.

The two men met on Tuesday, Bernard Drainville said on Twitter.

“We will work together to try to avoid the closure of 50% of 4-year-old nurseries. I also apologize for my comments to her. He is an experienced man and his worth is evident,” he wrote on Twitter.

The Pays-des-Bleuets school services center is particularly suffering from staff shortages, which are hitting the region “quicker” than expected, Mr Boivin told La Presse last week.

“The miracle department, which finds people every day, has its limits,” said Patrice Boivin at the time.

From 19 4-year-old kindergarten groups, these should be increased to 8 at the beginning of the next school year. “Before we announce the closure of nurseries for 4-year-olds we all need to consider our options and I think that remains to be done,” Secretary Drainville said.