Paulo Vieira shines on Sunday, but Battle of Lip Sync reveals serious flaws

Paulo Vieira shines on Sunday, but Battle of Lip Sync reveals serious flaws

Almost everything worked out in the Lip Sync Battle debut on Sunday. The new painting presented by Luciano Huck also counts with the luxurious permanent participation of Rafael Portugal and for this opening event had the best guests he could have: Leticia Colin and Paulo Vieira, alongside Alice Wegmann as “jury”.

The format is one of the most entertaining nonsense, with the two artists lipsynching popular songs while performing performances that hark back to glory moments in popular culture. Colin’s Britney and Vieira’s Frozen will be marked for posterity.

Huck also knew how to use the breaks between presentations to spread the appeal of good levers on popular television. The conversation with celebrities related to the times of the sofa at Hebe Camargo and also the moments of the confidential archive a la Fausto Silva helped in the context of farofa.

But it’s undeniable that an important element was missing for the equation to be perfect: some of the appeal is lost because everything was prerecorded. Whoever defined the winner of the argument was the auditorium, with no active participation from the audience.

The possibilities of interactivity have evolved greatly in recent years, while television entertainment has given up live programming. It is a pity.

If the chaotic atmosphere of the recorded version managed to remind us of the golden age of talk shows, just imagine the party when they decide to make this realtime mess. I still have hope!

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