Paul Walker’s daughter is raising the temperature in a tight swimsuit

Paul Walker’s daughter is raising the temperature in a tight swimsuit

the daughter of the remembered Paul Walker, Meadow Walker, is a famous model who, at the age of 24, does not stop making her presence felt on social networks. Being the daughter of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars and having the myth as your legal guardian Vin Diesel and looking beautiful on camera seem to be enough reasons for more than 3.7 million people to follow her on Instagram.

Meadow walker poses. Source: Instagram @meadowwalker

meadow runner was born in 1998 as a product of the relationship between one of the protagonists of the saga “Fast and Furious” and Rebecca Soteros. The girl lived with her mother in Hawaii, and in 2012 she decided to move to California with her father. Since then, their relationship has strengthened and they have experienced beautiful moments as a family.

During, Paul Walker His steps in cinema he made after graduation marine biologist and after venturing into the world of fashion. Gradually her talent and beauty opened new doors for her in the seventh art and in 2001 her elevator to world fame came with the first film in the Fast and Furious saga.

It has always been known that the actor did not enjoy it much Fame, but his passion for cars and acting were perfectly combined for his enjoyment. Meanwhile, his bond with his daughter grew and nothing seemed to bring it to an end. However, the speed that catapulted him to stardom would also cost him his life.

Meadow and her father, Paul Walker. Source: Instagram @meadowwalker

In November 2013 he was traveling with the pilot as a passenger in a Porsche Roger Rhodes. For reasons unknown, the vehicle crashed into a lamppost and a tree before bursting into flames. Nobody could save its occupants.

The pain multiplied in the acting world and especially in his daughter meadow runnerwho was 15 years old at the time. Since then, the young woman has been trying to find out the truth about what happened. Years of legal wrangling culminated in the signing of an agreement with the German automaker and a financial settlement.

Meadow Walker’s Instagram post

The daughter of Paul Walker She is very popular on Instagram, where you can see photos with her father, places and activities she does, as well as Vin Diesel and his wife Paloma JimĂ©nez, who are the young woman’s legal guardians. Her innate beauty has earned her a place in the fashion world social media a good place to show off and steal sighs.


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