Patrizio Rispo: “I’ve been diagnosed with a tumor, here’s what I did”

Patrizio Rispo: “I’ve been diagnosed with a tumor, here’s what I did”

The 66-year-old actor has always been the testimony of health and prevention campaigns: “My experience is positive despite being diagnosed with prostate cancer: that’s why”.

Patrizio Rispo Ive been diagnosed with a tumor heres what

patrician I will answer He had already talked about his changed life after his cancer diagnosis, now he comes back to the health weekly “Ok Salute e Benessere”. The actor, 66, is known to all for his role Raffaele Giordanoin the Rai 3 series A place in the Sun, has always been the testimony of prevention and health campaigns. In an interview with “Ok Health and Wellness” he talks about his experiences. When he was 59, precisely because of his commitment to prevention, he was diagnosed with early-stage cancer. It was February 2015: “I was there with four other colleagues”. These colleagues were Francesco Paolantoni, Rosaria De Cicco, Mimmo Esposito and Germano Bellavia.

The story of Patrizio Rispo

In this campaign, he carried out a series of tests and found that he had a very high PSA level: “Faced with this anomaly, I immediately began the examination and after numerous other tests I was diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer, localized in the area apical to the gland. The doctors told me there was little to be done, the tumor had to be operated on”.

I didn’t think much about it and in a short time, after further examinations necessary for the operation, I was admitted to the hospital for the operation. However, something curious happened that day: I was already lying on the couch in the operating room when the electricity was cut off and the doctors were forced to postpone the operation until the afternoon. I waited patiently, but nothing on the second try either. The lack of power has prompted doctors to postpone the operation for the next few days. Wasn’t this surge of electricity a sign of fate? So, after these considerations, I decided to abort the surgery and undergo new tests.

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A bold choice

When he meets a new urologist, Patrizio Rispo is convinced that he will not have an operation: “My tumor was very small and minimally aggressive at the time. In his opinion, the best choice was to move into active surveillance, which meant carefully monitoring the tumor year after year. For six years I was regularly subjected to strict controls until five months ago one of the routine tests showed a change in the initial characteristics of my tumor. It was then that Professor di Lauro decided to operate using a new non-invasive focused ultrasound technology that made it possible to remove cancerous tissue in a single surgical session, without the need for regression.

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At the end of the summer, Patrizio Rispo explained that he had to undergo new checks to ensure that there was in fact no trace of the tumour. Advances in medicine and prevention, he says proudly: “They enabled me to have a positive experience despite being diagnosed with prostate cancer.”