Patricia Poeta refutes rumors about the end of the meeting

Patrícia Poeta refutes rumors about the end of the meeting: "made up stories"

Observatory of the Famous

Posted on 02/01/2023 19:59

    (Image credit: Playback/Instagram)

(Image credit: Playback/Instagram)

Patrícia Poeta opened her heart to Em Off this Monday (02) and countered the rumors of an alleged closure of Encontro that were shown on TV Globo this morning. The presenter said that these are meaningless and completely false stories.

“Completely meaningless. Stories invented to get clicks. I also find it disrespectful to the work of a team that gets up at 4am to get everything back on its feet. And of course a lack of responsibility and empathy for others,” she said.

Patrícia also said that the attraction will bring great news to the public throughout the year and that the morning show was a hit with audiences.

“In 2023 we will be steadfast and strong, bringing plenty of news and entertainment to those who really matter: our audiences. On this site, our mission is to touch the lives of others with love and truth, and to give people the best we can. That worked really well. Just look at the audience feedback,” he said.

The Patrícia Poeta contribution refutes rumors about the end of the meeting: “Stories Invented” was first published in the Observatório dos Famosos.