Passenger plane takes off early, leaving 35 angry travelers behind (again)

Passenger plane takes off early, leaving 35 angry travelers behind (again)

Passenger plane takes off early leaving 35 angry travelers behindScoot Airline Boeing 7878 Image: Samson Ng / CC BYNCSA 2.0, via Flickr

Allegedly due to a communications error, a flight operated by Singapore’s lowcost carrier Scoot Airline took off several hours ahead of schedule, leaving about 35 passengers at Amritsar Airport in India.

The situation occurred last Wednesday (18) when the Boeing 7878 Dreamliner, registered under the registration 9VOFE, operated the regular TR509 flight between Amritsar and Singapore. According to the India Times, the plane was originally scheduled to depart at 7:55 p.m. local time but took off from the airport almost five hours earlier, at 3 p.m., leaving 35 passengers behind.

When the group of passengers were held back at the airport, a wave of anger was unleashed on their side and they filed their complaint with authorities at the terminal after the protest.

Scoot said it notified passengers of the flight schedule change via email, but a travel agent responsible for notifying the 35 passengers of the changes allegedly failed to forward the notification. In light of the failure, the DirectorateGeneral for Civil Aviation (DGCA) has ordered an investigation and is asking Scoot Airline and the Amritsar Airport Authority for details of the incident.

The above facts are attracting attention as last January 9th another flight also took off from India leaving dozens of passengers behind. At that time, a plane operated by the Indian airline Go First left more than fifty passengers at the airport in Bengaluru. Travelers would have been forgotten (or left behind) on an airport bus.

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