1693699945 Passenger on flight from Dubai gets off with 1kg of

Passenger on flight from Dubai gets off with 1kg of gold in his anus

Passenger on flight from Dubai gets off with 1kg ofPhoto by OSHI via Deposit Photos (under license)

In midAugust, a passenger arriving from Dubai at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (India) was detained by air customs officers after 991.4 grams of gold (less the weight of the shell) worth about $62,000 was removed from three capsules hidden inside were his rectum.

As the Indian press reported, the seizure was made in accordance with the Customs Act of 1962 and with careful work by the authorities. An investigation was launched to check whether the passenger had links to an international smuggling network.

Delhi | During onsite profiling, the Air Customs Department at IGI Airport arrested a passenger arriving from Dubai after 991.4 grams of gold worth Rs 51.72 lakhs were recovered from three capsules hidden in his rectum and seized under the Customs Act, 1962 were. Further investigations are ongoing.

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ANI (@ANI) August 4, 2023

Cases like this happen all the time. For example, on August 2, it was reported that Customs at Hyderabad Airport arrested a passenger with 1.04 kg of gold, also from Dubai.

To curb illegal smuggling, customs authorities carry out constant surveillance and tighten their procedures with each new case. In all cases, the material is confiscated and the suspects are charged and prosecuted. In the case of Delhi, the detention was the result of the authorities’ careful attention to the profile of each passenger.

In addition to the recent large gold seizures at airports, there have been several other small seizures that have not been as publicly reported, according to the local press. These small quantities were confiscated by customs officers because of their trained eye and dedication to their duties.

Passenger on flight from Dubai gets off with 1kg of

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