Passenger injured by a bullet in the head in flight

Passenger injured by a bullet in the head in flight: “I lost a lot of blood”

A passenger from a airplane was wound by a bullet fired from the ground that pierced the fuselage. The man was on a Myanmar National Airlines plane about to land in Loikaw, Myanmar, when he was shot. One photo shows the victim in his place, slumped and holding a handkerchief on the right side of the neck and cheek while the handkerchiefs soak blood lie next to him. After landing, he was taken to the hospital.


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Passenger injured in head by bullet in plane, flights canceled

Another picture shows the hole in the fuselage caused by the bullet that struck the plane as it flew at an altitude of 3,500 feet about four miles north of the airport, reports The Sun. All flights into the city, which is the capital from Kayah’s state, they have been canceled indefinitely, Myanmar National Airlines’ Loikaw office said.

why it happened

The country’s military government blames the rebels, although the rebel groups deny having anything to do with the shooting. Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun, spokesman for Myanmar’s ruling Military Council, told state television, “This type of attack on the passenger plane is a war crime.” Since the army toppled and seized control of the country’s democratically elected government last February, fierce fighting breaks out between the military and rebel groups in the eastern state of Kayah. The government said it has increased security around the airport.