Partner of Carlos Alberto in Praca died at the height

Partner of Carlos Alberto in Praça, died at the height of his career

Partner and friend rescued by Carlos Alberto in “Praça é Nossa”, was diagnosed with AIDS and died at the peak of his career

The renowned comedian and commander of the legendary comedy program of the SBT“The place is ours,” the moderator Carlos Alberto de Nobregahas more than 35 years of career as an employee of the station and is loved by all Brazilians.

Due to his time on the small screen, Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega has already been the godfather of many artists featured in the program “A Praça é Nossa” on SBT, where the presenter opened the doors and gave the opportunity to many comedians, including the Rescue of artists from the past, from the times of “Praça da Alegria”, a program presented and directed by his dear father, Manuel de Nóbrega.

One of those comedians rescued by Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega from his dear father’s show Praça da Alegria was the late Carlos Leite, who gave life to the characters Mauro Maurício and Kelé Metaleiro.

pracaenossamalucobeleza2Partner and friend rescued by Carlos Alberto in “Praça é Nossa” was diagnosed with AIDS and died at the peak of his career photo reproduction

Back in the limelight, artist Carlos Leite was unable to resist a battle with AIDS and died at the age of 51 from complications of the disease. The comedian died, leaving a void in the art world of the time.

It is worth remembering that the artist Carlos Leite was invited by Carlos Alberto to join the cast of the program “Praça Brasil” on tape, where the presenter spent only a few months, when Carlos Alberto was signed soon after by SBT.

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Carlos Leite even took part in changing the channel, together with the presenter Carlos Alberto, where he was one of the main attractions of the program and was very successful with his beloved characters, who made the viewers laugh, but unfortunately due to complications with HIV, interrupted on tragically his career and left an immeasurable gap in Brazil’s most famous park bench.

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