Part two video puts Finnish head of government in need of an explanation

Part two video puts Finnish head of government in need of an explanation

A cellphone video showed Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin dancing at a private party – the Nordic country has been discussing a second film since later this week. The 36-year-old singer can be seen dancing at a club in Helsinki along with Finnish singer Olavi Uusivirta (39). Marin had previously stated that she had taken a drug test.

A video was released on Thursday showing the head of government celebrating, dancing and singing with friends. Some Finnish journalists claim to have heard statements about drugs in the video. Marin said he drank alcohol that night but was unaware that drugs were being used. “I didn’t do anything illegal,” she said.

recognize a kiss?

Now we’re talking about the dance with Uusivirta: The two touch each other’s shoulders and hips repeatedly. For a brief moment, the musician leans forward as if to whisper something in her ear. Some want to recognize a kiss on the neck from him – even if it’s not clearly visible.

Speaking at a press conference about the debate on Friday in Helsinki, the leader of the Finnish Social Democratic Party (SDP) said she doesn’t remember being kissed on the neck. She thinks Uusivirta wanted to tell her something. “I believe these things are a part of my personal life and I won’t go into detail,” said married woman Marin, adding that she doesn’t think anything inappropriate is happening in the video.

Uusivirta also commented on the recording via Instagram on Friday. “There has been public speculation about the nature of the relationship between myself and Prime Minister Sanna Marin. I can only say what it is: we are friends and nothing inappropriate has happened between us,” he wrote.

The first video of the party, in which Marin was seen dancing with several friends at a private party, sparked discussion in Finland – especially on social media – about the prime minister’s public appearance and a possible violation of her official duties.

It is also the question of whether the head of government should have had an official representative during the celebration a few weeks ago, in which she said she had drunk alcohol. Just before, Marin said that she had returned early from her vacation for an appointment. Therefore, according to the government, no representation was scheduled for the day in question.

drug test

After the criticism regarding the private party, Marin said he took a drug test. The result is expected in about a week. “I’ve never used drugs in my life,” Marin told reporters on Friday. “I really wish people wouldn’t claim these things without proof.”

Many of his countrymen reacted calmly to their prime minister’s behavior. “The prime minister can get drunk,” Elli Kojola, from the Finnish city of Tampere, told Yle radio. “But she also has to be careful how she presents herself. Someone always sees you.” Marin said on Friday that she received “a lot of encouraging messages” from people.