Paolo has done it again how much is the

Paolo has done it again: how much is the luxe shirt he wore to his presentation at LDU?

Paolo Guerrero’s presentation at LDU was a complete success. This Friday, July 21, the Peruvian team forward had his first meeting with the fans at Rodrigo Paz Delgado Stadium, a venue that will be his “home” for the next six months. The great anticipation of the “Predator” was made clear by the careful broadcast by the official channel of the Liga de Quito, which not only captured all the player’s movements since his arrival in the Colossus, but also other curious details like the jersey he was wearing when he entered the Colossus.

Just like a few days ago, when he stormed the ESPN set in a colorful piece of clothing from the brand prada On this occasion, the attacker chose a product from the well-known company. Although slightly less extravagant, this time the wardrobe was more expensive for the veteran soccer player.

Paolo has done it again how much is thePaolo Guerrero’s shirt is available for purchase on the official Prada website. Photo: Capture/Prada

According to the official Prada website, the cotton shirt with a bowling collar, printed with a poppy motif and a mother-of-pearl button closure costs 385 Kuwaiti dinars. When converted to Peruvian currency, this amount equals the not inconsiderable sum of S/4,504.

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The price of Guerrero’s outfit was slightly higher than what he wore in the interview with the international network. At the time, her outfit cost $1,200, just over 4,370 S/4s.

1690022177 583 Paolo has done it again how much is theA few days ago, Guerrero wore a colorful piece of clothing on the set of ESPN. Photo: Capture/ESPN

What did Paolo Guerrero say in his presentation at LDU?

Speaking to fans, The Predator said he was surprised at the reception he received from fans of what he described as “Ecuador’s greatest team”. The player promised to reciprocate the affection received with sacrifices on the field to try to win titles.

“Titles leave a mark on any institution, especially on a winning team like LDU. I will work to bring titles to the team. I want to thank love, I didn’t expect that. It’s up to me to repay them on the field with dedication and commitment,” said the goalscorer.