Paolo Guerrero Who was the last Peruvian to race and

Paolo Guerrero: Who was the last Peruvian to race and why is he one of the worst signings?

Striker Paolo Guerrero has been announced as a star for Argentina’s Racing de Avellaneda team. The “Predator” attempts to restart his career at the Academy.

Paul Guerrero wants to be reborn in the twilight of his footballing career. His new adventure takes him to Argentina after passing Avaí in Brazil, a club where he has not performed much due to his physical problems. The “Predator” was announced this Wednesday, January 25th, as a new player at Racing Club de Avellaneda at the age of 39. The goal of the Peruvian striker is to continue playing at the highest level of football and to be considered for the following qualifiers in the national team.

“I’ve known about racing all along. I went to the cylinder and even did a commercial. I know the whole history of racing. Words remain. It’s a great team, intense. It has a great coach and the “Playing style. It motivates every player. I like that. It’s a successful team that plays at a high level. And playing for the Libertadores is a plus, that’s what I was looking for. Also, the fans are very passionate, they.” “Always play in a full stadium. I promise you all my dedication and sacrifices. It’s a team that demands a lot from you and will fight at the front,” were the Predator’s first official words to the Argentine press.

After 19 years, a Peruvian joins the Avellaneda team. Although Catriel Cevallos, a two-color player who competes in the South American Sub-20, was there before Paolo Guerrero, there was another compatriot who was part of the cylinder in 2003.

Paolo Guerrero: the Peruvian footballer who played for Racing before Predator

Before Paolo Guerrero joined Racing, Jhon Galliquio was the other footballer defending the academy colors. The Peruvian defender joined Argentina football in 2003 after passing through Mexican offshoot Cruz Azul.

“Tyson” came to the Avellaneda ensemble at the express request of Ángel Cappa, who was in charge of the “che” cast at the time. He also became a DT of the university in 2002 and had the defense attorney as one of his students.

However, his time at Racing was not good and he never stood out. The Argentine press harshly criticized Jhon Galliquio.

“However, he failed to settle and left the following year after 16 games. He was listed by the Argentine press as one of the worst signings in the academy’s history,” published TyC Sports.

What happened to John Galliquio?

On a football level, Jhon Galliquio played professional football until the end of 2018. In 2019, the now former footballer retired from the sport. His last team was Willy Serrato from the second division of national football.

In mid-2003 he switched to racing but was barely able to take part in 16 games in the Argentine league. He then returned to Peru to defend the colors of the Universitario de Deportes, the team where he made his debut.

The player achieved two national titles in his career. Both were with the merengue team in the 2009 and 2013 seasons.

Jhon Galliquio defends Racing de Avellaneda colors.  Photo: TyC Sports.

Jhon Galliquio defends Racing de Avellaneda colors. Photo: TyC Sports.

Paolo Guerrero will wear the number “22” in racing: why is this number special?

Paolo Guerrero has joined Racing de Avellaneda and is expecting a great season with the Argentinian team. During his presentation and first training session on Wednesday, January 25, the player chose the number he will wear in 2023.

This number once belonged to Diego Milito, a former player and ex-character of the cast currently managed by Fernando Gago. In his last phase as a footballer, between 2014 and 2016, the “Prince” scored a total of 19 goals.

This season Paolo Guerrero will try to emulate Milito and give Racing a title.