1673751623 Paolo Guerrero was offered to the LDU but they turned

Paolo Guerrero and the tough encounter with Alianza fans: this is how the Argentine press reacted

Paolo Guerrero was offered to the LDU but they turned

Paolo Guerrero called 2022 to dress in blue and white on many occasions; However, the Peruvian soccer player decided to continue his soccer career abroad. After that, the “Predator” earned rejection from a large segment of the intimate fans who wanted to see him play alongside him Jefferson Farfan. He is currently close to signing Run the Argentine League.

Amidst all these rumours, a fan of the Victorian squad took to Instagram. “Race? Paolo, it was Alianza,” said the user. The bicolor’s perennial top scorer took the opportunity to talk about it: “Alianza didn’t want me, they told me they weren’t interested.”

Commentary by Paolo Guerrero. Photo: Instagram shot

When it seemed that this was the player’s only response, hours later a user indicated that Paolo Guerrero had written to him on Instagram. “I mean other players, yes, but not me. OK no problem. Life goes on and I have to be happy at another club. The fan will continue to be a fan of the same club that I have always been. Arriba Alianza,” wrote the former Flamengo footballer.

Message from Paolo Guerrero. Photo: Instagram shot

Afterwards, Olé newspaper stated that the Blanquirroja forward was “in the eye of the storm” due to the encounter with his close fans.

Paolo Guerrero did not accept Alianza Lima’s clause

“I understand that at Alianza Lima they tried to do a medical, like Racing will do, but with a clause stating that if there were problems with absences due to injury, the salary would go down, and finally Paolo didn’t accept.” Pedro García explained on the program “Am Winkel”.