Paolo Fox I lost my parents very early I grew

Paolo Fox: “I lost my parents very early, I grew up with my cat Harry”

moment of truth for Paolo Fuchs. Marco Liorni visiting Italy Yes, the most famous astrologer of Italy was told on Rai Uno and reveals aspects of his life hitherto unknown to the general public. His past was marked by the untimely loss of his parents and this prompted him to build his own family around his beloved Cat Harry, who is gone today but has a very sweet memory of him.

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Paolo Fox: «I lost my parents very early, I grew up with my cat

Paolo Fox, real Paolo Volpi, said he grew up alone: ​​hence the decision to “become a family to himself”. “On the pedestal of my life is my cat Harry, who is no longer there. You all grew up with your parents, I with the cat – he said on television yesterday -. I lost my parents very early, I’m an only child so I had to make a choice. Either I was looking for a family or I became my own family, I chose option B ».

The astrologer has always seen “a reference point” in his four-legged friend. As he himself tells it, for years it was Harry who chose the Fox house’s guests and turned his back on those he didn’t like.

“It was me and him, he was a fantastic cat, it seems strange to humanize animals. People who have too much contact with animals are made happy on the one hand and pitied on the other. I would rehabilitate the thing. Human relationships are there, but living with the animal is wonderful because it doesn’t judge you. He was a reference for me, he picked people when he entered. If he didn’t like someone, he turned around and I understood that this person was not appropriate ».

“I never talk about myself – explained Paolo Fox – when they called me to come over here I said: ‘Wow, I’ve been through those years, I mean not just because I have friends, but actually … me thought that I was indeed a reference for others. But I’m fine with myself”.

The pharmacist he trusts, who gave him the right information about a health problem years ago, also plays an important role in his life, second only to Harry the tomcat. Finally there is then Fabrizio Frizzi. In memory of the conductor who passed away in 2018. Paolo Fox said, moved: «He gave me the chance in Rai. He appreciated my way of doing astrology and thought it was fun to pull the curtain on a show in the late ’90s. He did a lot for me, I also had a problem in my family and he resisted the editors keeping me to themselves. He called me and others like Magalli to put us in one of his programs, a few days later he left us. In my opinion, it was no coincidence that he had gathered us there ».

Last updated: Sunday 2 October 2022 12:57 pm