Paolo Bonolis, whom he broke up with: "They don’t talk to each other anymore"a brutal episode

Paolo Bonolis, whom he broke up with: "They don’t talk to each other anymore"a brutal episode

Paolo Bonolis whom he broke up with quotThey dont talk

Gossip never goes on vacation, on the contrary, it’s rampant, especially in summer. According to reports in the weekly newspaper Di Più Tv, which cites an anonymous source, the historic friendship between Paul Bonolis and Enrico Brignano it would end. And has been for some time, because it’s been a long time since the two didn’t have a relationship anymore. To the point that the conductor wasn’t even invited by Mediaset to his colleague’s recent wedding to Flora Canto.

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“At the wedding there was a lot of talk about Bonolis’ absence – the anonymous source told Di Più TV – Sonia and Flora were once very close friends, also because of the relationship of their companions: then something happened. The reason for the disagreement is not entirely clear. The fact is that they no longer speak to each other and Enrico and Paolo no longer speak to each other either. The only confirmation of the severing ties so far has come from Bruganelli, who has confirmed on social media that he doesn’t listen to Canto or Brignano.

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According to insiders, the beginning of the end dates back to the funeral two years ago gigi Project. Bonolis is said to have made an unfortunate joke on this occasion against Brignano, who would have taken it very badly. Immediately after this episode, the Canto had everything taken down on social media, but in fact, the two couples have not been in a relationship since.

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