Paolo Bonolis heartbreaking: “I lost my son” |  A massive drama that still hurts today

Paolo Bonolis heartbreaking: “I lost my son” | A massive drama that still hurts today

Paolo Bonolis recently opened up about a heartbreaking episode that hit him, which unfortunately also involves one of his sons. It is a confession that left everyone speechless and tells of an immense drama.

Paul Bonolis

We’re used to seeing him always smiling and with a ready answer, but Paolo Bonolis suffered a lot from a bad episode with one of his children in the past. He told it in an interview where he decided to open up and share the pain he’d kept hidden for too long.

His television debut dates from the age of 19on the show 3,2,1…kontakt!, although she really became famous at the helm of Bim, bum, bam, a very famous children’s show that Bonolis worked on for 10 years.

Paolo Bonolis and this enormous loss

Definitely Paolo Bonolis is one of the most popular conductors on television: His always sunny charisma and his sympathy are two qualities that Italians value very much and for this reason they avidly follow the programs he hosts, such as Avanti and Altro.

Paul Bonolis

Inseparable from colleague and friend Luca Laurenti, Bonolis has had a solid career that has made him one of the most important figures in Italian television. There isn’t a viewer who doesn’t know his peculiar way of playing and entertaining.

Today the conductor is associated with Sonia Bruganelli, to whom he also married and had three children: Silvia, Davide and Adele. However, before I’m with her, He was married to Diane Zoelleran American psychologist with whom he became involved in 1983. Unfortunately, their marriage ended after 5 years and the two separated.

From this relationship Bonolis had two children, Stefano and Martina: Both are now grown up and have given the conductor several grandchildren. It was with these two that he lived a terrible time, especially with Stefano.

“I lost my son when he was four years old. I want to thank my wife who helped me build a bridge between the two families.” he revealed. The presenter points out that the two moved to America with their mother at a very young age without having the opportunity to choose who they would like to stay with.

Paul Bonolis

Bonolis suffered greatly from this distance, also because the separation had not gone as smoothly as he had hoped. Fortunately, relations between the two families seem to have smoothed out, also thanks to the help of his current wife now the conductor can finally enjoy the company of his children and grandchildren.