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Paola Turani: the truth about pregnancy | “Some Questions Shouldn’t Be Asked” PontileNews

Paola Turani has decided to silence the rumors once and for all. The model shared the truth about her pregnancy on social media.

Model and influencer Paola Turani reached out to her followers to shut down all rumors about her pregnancy, without giving up her irony. The message came through loud and clear this time.

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Her career in the fashion world began at a young age: she was discovered with her mother in the supermarket at the age of 16 and soon joined a French agency. She has been engaged to Riccardo Serpellini since 2011, with whom she became a mother for the first time last year.

The Marriage to Riccardo and the Arrival of Aeneas

Paola and Riccardo have known each other for over ten years. At the time, the model’s future husband, fascinated by her, contacted her about a commission for a painting – which they used as an excuse for an approach.

After a few months, they moved in together and married overnight in 2019 after eight years of dating. The two always wanted to start a family, but unfortunately their dreams collided with the hard truth when they got it Couple’s infertility diagnosis.

Determined to become parents, they chose assisted reproduction. But while they were on the previous hormone treatment, Paola eventually became pregnant and gave birth to Enea in October.

After the birth of her firstborn, the model landed in the spotlight several times Rumors that they would see her ready for a second pregnancy. Because of this, he decided to respond to the rumors in an Instagram post.

The model’s response

Referring to the comment read under one of her latest shots, Paola said: “I see a different light… who knows,” said a follower, alluding to an alleged pregnancy. The model’s response was as follows: “Well actually there is a ‘suspicious tummy’ and it’s chock full of PANETTONI that’s being eaten these days”.

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The truth is that Paola is not ready to have another child. Or at least not now: she herself declared not long ago that she wanted to focus on Aeneas and his growth. In addition, she admitted that she did not have the strength to follow an assisted reproduction route.

The model’s words made followers smile and found support from their fans. Many have said that talking about pregnancy, especially for a woman in a similar situation to hers, is decidedly inappropriate.

‚ÄúThis woman, like many others, has used social media to try to make it clear that certain statements and certain questions should not be asked. But people don’t learn,” said one user.