Paola lies to Alessandro quotWe loved each other but he

Paola lies to Alessandro: "We loved each other, but he didn’t want to say it "

men and womenhe continues after the Christmas break Paula and Alexander. The Lady and the Knight of throne over They went out to deepen their knowledge, but Alessandro is not sincere and in the studio he belittles the evening he spent with Paola. “There was only one kiss to die for – explains the knight from Campania, who then adds – we didn’t go any further, it didn’t seem right to me, because I also want to meet other women”.

Men and women Riccardo spends the night with Gloria but

Paola lies to Alessandro quotWe loved each other but he

Alessandro’s statements immediately seemed so disingenuous that the two commentators questioned the knight’s version and asked the lady, who shortly afterwards left the studio in tears, for confirmation. “We met, we loved each other“ reveals Paola, who belies the knight.”I understood that she didn’t want to say it because she wanted to get to know the others‘ adds the lady, unable to contain her disappointment after spending the night with a man who seemed different to her.

Once denied, Alessandro tries to justify himself without being able to convince anyone. At this point Tina Cipollati takes Paola’s side and invites the other ladies interested in Alessandro, including Gemma Galganito move away from the knight and then address him directly: “You’re outside looking for one night stands!“.