Paola Di Benedetto and Rkomi, split after photo by Who?  “They have already broken up”    gossip and television

Paola Di Benedetto and Rkomi, split after photo by Who? “They have already broken up” gossip and television


A bombshell report speaks of the alleged farewell that is said to have taken place between the radio host and the singer in the past few days

Paola Di Benedetto and Rkomi split after photo by Who

Published on June 15, 2022

He arrives a bombshell on Paola Di Benedetto and Rkomi, just in these minutes. According to this new indiscretion, the couple would likely have broken out on Who after the paparazzi. The magazine, directed by Alfonso Signorini, has today published the new issue starring the radio host and the Milanese singer.

The two were caught in tender postures, between hugs and kisses. Therefore, this service confirmed the latest gossip about her. But now Very Inutil People is launching an indiscretion Paola and Rkomi which adds to the mystery. If until a few hours ago the official and definitive confirmation of this love story seemed to have arrived, in these minutes we are already talking about a breakup.

“However, according to some, the two have already split,” writes the website. A report, said to come from a source close to the radio announcer, speaks of the end of the story when “the crowds didn’t take off.” It seems that Di Benedetto and Rkomi have been on different paths for about two weeks already. Not only, Apparently even Paola “has already been spotted having dinner with another person”.

Therefore, the winner of GF Vip 4 would already be turning her attention to someone else. Someone close to her would be sure of the end of this relationship that might never have started. But you have to remember that just a few days ago in an interview on RTL Fedez teased Di Benedetto about the gossip surrounding the Milanese singer, who now joins him on the X Factor jury with Ambra Angiolini.

The rapper should have known about their split. So the story could have shipwrecked in those days. There are now some details. First the last time Paola and Rkomi They made their last public appearance together on June 1st. It appears that the photos published today on Who were taken about a week ago.

This is derived by the Di Benedetto outfit, who appears in the footage wearing the same striped shirt worn around the last week of May, according to his social profile. Obviously, there is also a possibility that Paola wore the same piece of clothing in the following days. Therefore, this is a negligible detail. It only remains to be seen whether this report reflects the reality of the facts or not.