Paola Caruso, after leaving her son’s father, what happened: “I have to earn for …”

Paola Caruso, after leaving her son’s father, what happened: “I have to earn for …”

What is the irrepressible former protagonist of Paolo Bonolis’ show doing? Here’s all the news about him!

Paola Carúso is one of the television characters who turned out to be a part of historical Mediaset broadcasts a few years ago! The woman was known the first ‘Bonas’ by Avanti Un Altro, the program of the eve of Canale 5 directed by Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti!

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But what happened to Paola Caruso? Here’s what has recently become the protagonist and how summer goes by!

Paola Caruso, Bona’s sexy historian!

Paola Carúso she is 37 years old and was born on January 17, 1985 in Catanzaro. In addition to her irrepressible beauty, women are highly valued and discussed at the same time for their direct and uncomplicated way of dealing with other people. From March to May 2016 he took part in the eleventh edition of theIsland of the Famousreached the final and took fourth place behind boxer Giacobbe Fragomeni, Jonàs Berami and Mercedesz Henger!

Paola Caruso has had several sentimental flirtations over the past 10 years, including former Tronists Daniele Interrante and Lucas Peracchi! In 2018, the ex ‘Bonas’ became engaged to entrepreneur Francesco Caserta and a few months later she became pregnant. However, the man left Caruso after the discovery and she raised her son – who is now 3 years old – on her own. Some time ago the woman said: “I have to earn money, who else runs the household, pays for the nanny, the clothes, the school, the swimming lessons and the rest? Father never gave me a euro. He never paid rent and never gave the child a present, not even for their birthday.” But what is Paola Caruso doing today? Here are all the news about his personal and work life!

What are you doing today?

Is Paola Caruso still active on TV? Of course! This season he took part in the last edition of the program The pupa and the nerd, under the direction of Barbara D’Urso. Before Paola Caruso came to the show, she was hospitalized for a very strong allergic reaction. Luckily everything turned out for the better!

Paola Caruso today Instagram - 04082022 - political24Paola Caruso in a recent shot on Instagram. Source: (Instagram Paola Caruso)

For several years, Paola Caruso has often been present on TV as a regular guest in some Mediaset TV shows, especially in those of Barbara D’Urso! In recent years, Caruso has been romantically linked to boxer Dario Socci, but the two split in July 2021 for some character incompatibilities! He has over 950,000 followers on his Instagram profile! In the last few days he is spending his vacation in Greece, on Santorini!