Paola Carosella votes for the first time in Brazil I

Paola Carosella votes for the first time in Brazil: “I cried at every confirmation”

The former MasterChef Brasil judge showed her ballot and showed her emotions in front of the ballot box

Reproduction/Instagram/paolacarosellaPaola Karosella
Paola Carosella was thrilled to be voting in Brazil for the first time

The cook and businesswoman Paola Karosella voted for the first time in Brazil and celebrated the moment on social media. “The strength of a vote is a lot of emotion,” wrote the former judge ofMasterChef Brazil‘ in the caption of a photo in which he appears with his ballot. Paola said she couldn’t hold back her tears as she stood in front of the ballot box: “I cried at every confirmation”. The business woman was born in Argentina and comes from a family of Italian immigrants. In 2001 she moved to Brazil to open and run a restaurant in São Paulo with two other chefs. A follower asked why she voted if she wasn’t born in Brazil, and the chef replied, “I’m a naturalized Brazilian and I’m voting here.” Some followers were uncomfortable with Paolla taking part in the elections and making comments like “Argentina is right there”. The former MasterChef member countered: “How angry are you? But you have to put up with me! I’m voting here, my love, and no one will shut me up.” The first round of Elections 2022 is held this Sunday the 2nd and voters must vote for five candidates: President, Governor, Senator, State Representative and Federal Representative. Celebrities like Ludmilla, Luísa Sonza, Sabrina Sato, Luciano Huck, Chay Suede have already taken part in the elections.