Paola Barale the dark truth about Gianni Sperti comes to

Paola Barale, the dark truth about Gianni Sperti comes to light: the ex wife spills the bag | He really did it

The beautiful showgirl indulges in an interview in which she lets herself be carried away with some confessions from her life and reveals via ex-husband Gianni Sperti that…

Paula Barale she is one of the most beautiful presenters of Italian television; She became famous for her undeniable resemblance to rock star Madonna, and her beginnings saw her alongside the greats, among others Mike Bongiorno. But his career also offers participation in various programs and alongside real monsters of Italian television Maurizio Costanzo.

Paola Barale Beauty - SolospettacoloPaola Barale – solo spettacolo

The beautiful showgirl was privately engaged to her colleague Marco Bellavia and recently with the beautiful sinister one Raz Degan; but from her marriage to the dancer Gianni Sperti, which took place back in 1998, we’re still talking. With the arrival of Degan in 2002, the two officially said goodbye.

Paola Barale and Gianni Sperti: “The true nature …”

Occasional gossip erupts about her relationship with her ex-husband; In this regard, the Barale was a guest on the Belve di show a few months ago Francesca Fagnani Returning to the topic, “She wants to know if I’m in love, I tell her I’m fine. I’m in a good time and I’m very happy. In the past, however, I I have loved a lot more than i was loved I always realize it too late. But if I notice it, I can close it cleanly. I don’t enjoy talking about my ex is very true. I don’t like it because it’s been talked about too much. I’ve said a lot in the past.”

What was he referring to? Maybe just the gossip he wants gianni sperti gay, which would not be surprising were it not for the fact that no admission was ever made by the person concerned. So Paola continues: “Yes, it’s true, I said that both Gianni Sperti and Raz Degan didn’t show me her true nature. Means what? This! I’m sure you understand what I meant. They weren’t true and fair. If one doesn’t have the courage to be himself, the chain falls on me. If I mean treason? No, I mean everything! Even betrayal, and to me a man who betrays, seems really disgusting to me.”

The gossip

But the gossip about homosexuality has not only affected Gianni Sperti; The same has been said about Paola in the past. Fagnani asks her for her opinion, and the showgirl replies, “Was I more surprised by the gossip about my alleged homosexuality or that of my ex-husband? […] I don’t know what is said about Gianni Sperti. But mine amazes me more hahaha. How am I laughing?!”

Marriage of Barale and Sperti - SolospettacoloPaola and Gianni at the time of the relationship – Solospettacolo

For your part, what did Gianni say on another occasion? “Even if it were me, it’s not a news topic, I’ve never liked forced trips“.

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