Pantanal Tadeu and Jose Leoncio face each other and argue

Pantanal: Tadeu and José Leôncio face each other and argue badly

Pantanal is entering its final stages on TV Globo, but the public will still see many obstacles and confusion. In the next few chapters of the telenovela, in a burst of attitude, Tadeu (Jose Loreto) decided to compete on the track with his brothers José Lucas (Iranhir Santos) and Jupiter (Jesuit Barbosa) and took the silver saddle of her grandfather Old Joventino (Iranhir Santos), now known as Velho do Rio (Osmar Prado) of the Pantanal. The father of the trio, José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira), will not be pleased to learn that the child has overridden their consent.

“I just wanted to try, father,” Tadeu will justify.

“With whose order?” Zé will ask.

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“Lord forgive my boldness,” the boy laments.

“Everything you see here and at the other farms was created while he was riding that saddle. I never used it because I never thought I deserved it. I’m not half his height… I didn’t even know who he was in this world. But I have kept that saddle through the years in the hope that one of my children might be worthy of riding it again.”

“I don’t drive it anymore, I’m sorry,” says Tadeu. (…) And I won’t argue with her children either. Because I suck next to the two. Lord, forgive me.”

“Tadeu… Come back, Tadeu,” the boy’s father will ask.

“I’m just a farmer, José Leôncio… I’m exactly what you made me.”

“Pantanal” premiered on Rede Globo on March 28, replacing “Um Lugar Ao Sol”. The plot was adapted by Bruno Luperi and directed by Rogério Gomes. The story is a remake of the soap opera of the same name that was broadcast on the French TV in 1990. The original storyline was created and written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa.

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