Pantanal Madeleine considers reunion with Jose Leoncio

‘Pantanal’: Madeleine considers reunion with José Leôncio

In wetlandThe years haven’t changed that madeleine (Karen Teles) is an eternally spoiled girl. Even in a good moment of your career, the emptiness of your private life will speak louder again. The digital influencer gets a foot up the ass from Gustavo (Shard Ciocler), their eternal affair, which the girl had always had in her hands until then.

In a moment of reflection with sister (Camila Morgado), the mother of Jupiter (Jesuit Barbosa) will start to reconsider some decisions.

“You know what, it’s better this way. Let Gustavo live his life and I’ll take care of what’s mine,” she says.

“And what’s yours?” Irma will ask.

“The only thing I had of myself was the father of my child!”

Irma will practically fall over when she hears that. Despite the sentiments she still carries, Madeleine has always been proud of her marriage — even when it’s gone Jose Leoncio (Marcos Palmeira).

The Novaes’ older sister will begin to list the reasons that make this decision wrong. First, the fact that they hadn’t seen each other for 25 years, until the day he went to Rio to report on Jove’s disappearance.

and there is still tribe (Dira Pas) in the equation. Although Zé never took over the affair, she was his partner throughout the years.

“He never asked for a divorce (…) He’s tired of her, but he hasn’t forgotten me,” argues Madeleine.

Then the influencer’s thoughts go to the most futile place: the feeling of jealousy Gustavo could trigger if she were to get back together with Zé. Irma will continue to be amazed at what she hears from her youngest.

“I’ve never heard of such madness,” says Jove’s aunt.

“Because you’ve never loved anyone in your life,” Madeleine will come back.

“And you loved it and said it smelled like cow dung,” Irma will answer.

“It smelled… But it was good,” recalls the influencer, who is already twirling the memories.