Pantanal: José Leôncio becomes the enemy of Tenório  Metropolitana FM  Metropolitana FM because of Bruaca and Alcides

Pantanal: José Leôncio becomes the enemy of Tenório Metropolitana FM Metropolitana FM because of Bruaca and Alcides

Without realizing it, José Leôncio will end up buying a fight with the villain of “Pantanal”, Tenório. After Alcides’ castration, Bruaca will take refuge in Zé Leôncio’s house and, at Filó’s request, welcome the neighbor to the residence.

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Jove’s father is initially not very convinced of this idea and does not necessarily want the result: trouble with the neighbors. Eventually, however, he will give in.

After being humiliated, Bruaca will reveal the whole truth to Tadeu’s mother about what happened to her and Alcides. So, in the end, the character of Dira Paes will take on the pain of her newest friend.

José Leoncio becomes Tiberius' enemy

José Leôncio becomes Tibério’s enemy (Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo)

The woman will advise Maria to fight for her rights, asking José Leôncio for help. He will listen carefully to everything she has to say and decide to ask a lawyer for help.

The farmer had spoken to Guta’s mother that although she had cheated on her husband, she has rights guaranteed by law and will offer all her support and help so that she can sue Tenório.

But Tiberius will not even know that his exwife lives in his rival’s house, and when he asks him for help, he will find Maria. After the shock, Tenório will keep quiet about it and get the flea behind his ear as soon as he knows that Leoncio supports her.

When they get home, the villain will say, “What was that Buraca doing? You and this farmer have to eat each other like the two pigs they are. I told her get out of here… But no… She had to go home to who? That my neighbor wants to take her to court against me is a leap. I could go in earlier and file a charge for attempted murder… But I can’t stand justice on my feet. I just came here to avoid raising suspicions. If some fucking little judge attacks my case, I’m doomed. I didn’t mean to do anything stupid, Bruaca, but you make me do it.”


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