Pantanal: Guta discovers his mother was never a saint: "I ran away with him"  On the screen

Pantanal: Guta discovers his mother was never a saint: "I ran away with him" On the screen

In the next chapters of Pantanal, Maria Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira) talks to Guta (Julia Dalavia) about her relationship with Tenório (Murilo Benício). To the daughter, the squatter’s wife confesses that she got married at the police station after fleeing her parents’ house and that she spent her life running away with her husband every time he did something more.

Fed up with the submissive life she leads at the Colonel’s side, the engineer’s mother has rebelled after learning the villain has a second family. After allowing Levi (Leandro Lima) to tie her in, the housewife now becomes Alcides’ (Júlio Cazarré) lover.

Maria Bruaca’s behavior has caught the attention of Tadeu’s girlfriend (José Loreto). Not that Guta is for his father, but he fears his mother will get hurt even more. During the conversation, Tenório’s wife says that her husband has never been good. In her outburst, the housewife recalls that she ran away from home with the colonel and that the two assumed that the police chief was the one who made the wedding. Learn more!

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In the Pantanal, Maria Bruaca ran away from home behind Tenório

Pantanal: Guta discovers his mother was never a saint :\

In the next few chapters of Pantanal, Maria Bruaca will have an insightful conversation with her daughter. Still hurt by her husband’s double life, the housewife says she always knew her husband was worthless. “Your father was always a villain! He always was!” he shoots. Guta will be surprised to learn that her mother was never a saint as she ran away from home to chase land grabs.

“I jumped out the window of my parents’ house to run away with him. And I didn’t get married in church, with a veil and a wreath, like my mother dreamed of,” he regrets.

“Marriage at the police station, by the deputy, in the eyes of the law. It’s either that or my dad would cut your papers!” reports. Tenório’s wife explains to her daughter that with her help he has become the powerful man he is today.

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“The truth is that everything this man is, everything he has in life, he owes to this Bruaca right here! That Bruaca I fought alongside him…

“Who shared the bread with him that the devil kneaded! Because I thought it was just us. For me it was just him and me in this world, daughter. There was nobody. There was nobody else,” he enthuses .

The scene will soon be aired on the nine o’clock soap opera.

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