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Pantanal: find out who will be the winner of the silver saddle dispute

In the latest chapters of “wetland“, by TV Globo, Tadeu (Jose Loreto) took over the silver saddle of the old Joventino (Iranhir Santos) for you, with the support of José Lucas (Iranhir Santos), but acc otox reported, this will be a new discussion between him and José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) who wants a competition among the children for the object.

And indeed, that is exactly what will happen in the last week of the plot, when the farmer’s three heirs come together and eventually mate on their horses, compete in a race for the saddle and whoever is the fastest the ride along the way will win.

With the given goahead, Jove (Jesuit Barbosa) and Zé Lucas will run away, but Tadeu will remain silent and make everyone curious. “Ara… You haven’t ovîu your father’s horn?!” Tiberius will ask (goodo). “Ovî”, Tadeu guarantees. “Then step that step, damn it! Who is delivering this saddle in someone else’s hands?!” counters the foreman.

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“If I were a real Leontius, Tiberius, I wouldn’t be afraid of two pawns because I like them!” Philos son will say (Dira Pas), finally shoot out. To everyone’s surprise, he catches up and even surpasses his opponents and wins the competition.

“This saddle had to be his…” explains Zé Lucas. “And that’s because the disheveled Dexô falls off the front of you two!” says Zé Leôncio proudly.

Jose Loreto as Tadeu in the PantanalTadeu wins the silver saddle contest (Photo: TV Globo/João Miguel Júnior)

wetland‘ by TV Globo, is officially in its final week of airing with unreleased chapters, and while there is still work to be done, the plot is already lacking the audience and actors that made the soap opera possible.

Because of this, several actors say goodbye to their respective characters and also show the homesickness that has set in behind the scenes of the production, which is exactly the case Marcos PalmeiraInterpreter of the protagonist José Leôncio.

Through his official profile on Instagram, the actor appeared alongside José Loreto, Jesuíta Barbosa and Irandhir Santos, who respectively live with Tadeu, Joventino and José Lucas, their children in the story, and delivered an emotional statement text.

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“Nearly at the end of this beautiful endeavor that was the Pantanal, I couldn’t stop talking about the wonderful children this story has brought me. Everyone with their talent who always teaches me a lot. A great love that fills my chest,” said the artist.

“It has been a delicious year and being together, sharing so many things, leaves a certainty in the soul: with love, everything becomes easier. Thank you Irandhir, Jesuit and José Loreto for so much complicity and harmony. Loving You! Ara, let go!” Marcos Palmeira added.

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