“Pantanal”: Angry, Marcelo shocks the family with a revelation

“Pantanal”: Angry, Marcelo shocks the family with a revelation

Scene from Scene from “Pantanal” (Photo: TV Globo)

In the next chapters of the novel “Pantana”Marcelo (Lucas Leto) will shock the family by revealing to Renato (Gabriel Santana) that he is not his brother.

It all begins when Tenório (Murilo Benício), still not knowing the truth, becomes increasingly suspicious of Marcelo and Guta’s (Julia Dalavia) relationship. One day the villain will have a big fight with the two of them.

On another occasion, Renato will play cards with his father. At that moment, the couple will arrive, leaving Tenório uncomfortable. He will get up and go to his room without giving an explanation. Guta will then ask what happened.

The penitent sinner spoke Renato will answer cruelly.

We are not in sin.

It’s only half a sin, isn’t it? After all, you’re only half brothers he’ll tease.


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Marcelo will be angry and will threaten to attack his brother, who will not be intimidated and will face him. Zuleica (Aline Borges) arrives to separate them. From his mind Marcelo will say:

The only good thing about all this is knowing that that shit ain’t my brother!

What did he say? asked Renato, shocked.


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