Pantanal: Actor from Trindade Takes on    and Demands Surprise

Pantanal: Actor from Trindade Takes on and Demands Surprise

Trindade and Cramulhão are making their names on the soap opera Pantanal, but that’s not all. Believe it or not, the actor made some demands for the feature’s production, prompting Globo to pull his feet.

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According to Gabriel Sater, the actor who brings the character to life, he said that he directs the musical production of the attraction so that the musical sequences are very similar to those that are part of the daily life of the local population.

He revealed that he has been vacationing in Mato Grosso do Sul since 1991, so he said he knows the region, customs, viola circles, compositions, dialects well and wanted the soundtrack to be as similar and true to the original as possible.

Gabriel Sater has been harassing Globo's team for changing the soap opera

Gabriel Sater harassed Globo’s team for changing the soap opera (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

“I disrupt the music production all the time to pay tribute to the music of the Pantanal, the pioneers… There were a few moments where I think I disrupted this music production, which was very good for me,” he said the ‘Meeting’ this Thursday (18).

Gabriel Sater reveals the artist who inspired his character in Pantanal

Also during the program, Gabriel said he was inspired by none other than Almir Sater to bring “Cramulhão” to life. The boy’s father had played the same role in the first version of “Pantanal” in 1991.

“In conversation with Bruno Luperi [autor do remake da Globo], my leaders and trainers, wanted to find an original way. I already knew a lot about the culture of the Pantanal. I changed my routine for Trindade,” he recalls.

Sater also thanked his father, adding: “My father taught me that it is not very elegant to praise yourself, but I can say for him that he is very satisfied with my work. He saw me differently, more relaxed. The character eventually transforms us as a physical person, so it’s one of the happiest moments I live and I enjoy every scene, every moment, every encounter.”


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