Pantanal actor dies aged 32 Virginia exposes crying daughter Former

Pantanal actor dies aged 32; Virginia exposes crying daughter; Former JN host complains

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Keeping up with the news about the world of the famous has always been something that Brazilians have enjoyed immensely. TV Foco thought about it and decided to separate the main news items that were read the most on Saturday October 1st. Highlights include an actor from Swampland, Virginia and a former host of the Jornal Nacional.

The Pantanal actor died at the age of 32 and was honored in a soap opera

Globo was a great success with the Pantanal exhibition. It is worth remembering that the original version of the story was broadcast on TV in Manchete in 1990. In fact, something very notable happened in the past, which was the death of one of the actors who is part of the cast.

We are talking about actor Alexandre Lippiani. In the storyline he played one of Juma’s brothers. He died in a car accident in 1997. At the time of his death, the handsome man starred in Xica da Silva. Death moved the cast. In his last scene, a tribute was paid during the break.

Virgínia Fonseca Releases Video of Her Daughter Maria Alice Crying and Confirms Why: “The Moment is Over”

Virgínia Fonseca, influencer and dancer, wife of singer Zé Felipe, who is pregnant with their second daughter Maria Flor, shared a video on social media that “killed” fans with cuteness.

In this video, Virgínia shows her firstborn Maria Alice crying in her lap because she finished the drawing she likes, leaving the baby in despair:

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At the age of 86, Carlos Alberto made a heartbreaking confession:

At the age of 86, Carlos Alberto made a heartbreaking confession: “He is on his last breath”

“Maria Alice’s suffering is over, her drawing moment is over, see if I can handle it,” Virgínia wrote in the video’s caption.

In the comments, followers lamented the baby’s sadness and were delighted by such cuteness. They also praised the way Virginia treats her daughter.

Forgotten by Globo, exhost of Jornal Nacional denounces the broadcaster: “They are hiding”

Can you imagine being part of a company’s history for years and when you celebrate you stay outside? This happened to me Celso Freitasone of the most famous former anchors in the history of National Journal of the globe.

But despite his important contribution to JN, Celso Freitas was completely forgotten on the occasion of Globo’s special 50th anniversary. The celebration took place in 2019 and at the time the Record journalist denounced that the channel wanted to hide the story he made on the channel.

In a short conversation with TV Fama, Celso Freitas said at the time: “I wasn’t invited. I think I’ll be considered persona non grata.” Furthermore, he admitted that not only were they not invited, but they didn’t bother to mention his name as one of the presenters who appeared on Jornal Nacional.

“I’ve never heard my name mentioned. I don’t want to be invited, no, I even understand that an invitation to attend or something like that wouldn’t fit. But an omission of 32 years dedicated to a company…” said the former Globo journalist.

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