‘Panic 6’ |  Check out every item we’ve discovered in Ghostface’s Sanctuary

‘Panic 6’ | Check out every item we’ve discovered in Ghostface’s Sanctuary

the franchise panic turns 27 in 2023, and to celebrate, Paramount Pictures (current rights holders) will release the sixth installment in theaters worldwide beginning March 8th. The film arrives in Brazil on March 9th. The truth is that the fifth film is title only panicShe managed to bring new life to the franchise in 2022 and what to do Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson 2011 had not achieved with scream 4. It’s even ironic to think that the original creators didn’t achieve their goal of creating a new trilogy since the fourth film didn’t perform as expected at the box office. So it took ten years for a new studio, new producers and new directors as well as a new cast to achieve the expected success and open the door to a new film series.

scream 6 is the direct sequel to the previous film and follows the terrifying new adventures of Sam (Melissa Barrera), Tara (Jenna Ortega), Gale (Courteney Cox) and the gang as they battle a new Ghostface. The first trailer (after a teaser like the previous preview) had fans in turmoil. Here, in this new article, we’re going to uncover the most interesting moments from the trailer which even included a cast presentation. Check it out below.



At one point in the trailer, the characters find a haven for the killer with several items that could very well be in a franchise collector’s home or even in the studio’s vault. With the help of our colleagues at Blood Disgusting, let’s comment point by point below. At this point we also see Dermot Mulroney’s character, Williams.

Steve’s jacket Steve was Casey’s (Drew Barrymore) friend in the opening scene of the first Scream and his jacket can be seen in the shrine.

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Stu’s robe Many believe that Stu is alive and in the sanctuary we can see the red robe he wore in the party scene in the first movie.

Stu’s TV In the original film, Stu dies when a large television falls on his head.

Tatum’s outfit Tatum was Sidney’s best friend in the first film, played by Rose McGowan. The character was also Dewey’s sister.

Billy’s shirt Billy Loomis, the second killer from the first film, dies in a white shirt seen at the shrine.

Kenny’s hat Kenny was Gale Weathers’ first cinematographer on the original film. The figure wore a hat worn backwards which can also be seen in the shrine.

college game mask in the second film, the characters took part in a Greek play and one of the masks from this production is also in the sanctuary.

Debbie’s outfit Reporter Debbie was one of the killers in the second film. The woman actually turned out to be Mrs. Loomis, Billy’s mother.

Production footage for ‘A Facada 3’ these are Scream 3 items that talk about the movie within the movie.

fax machine one of the most infamous deaths in the franchise, in which actor Tom from Scream 3 returns to the house to read a fax from the killer and ends up exploding from the deadly combination of gas and fire from a lighter.

Pan Even the pan that guard Steve Stone was beaten with in Scream 3 makes an appearance.

Olivia’s shirt One of the most brutal deaths in Scream 4 was that of the beautiful Olivia (Marielle Jaffe) and her outfit also features here.

Jill’s outfit This is also where the character of Emma Roberts in Scream 4 is remembered she was Sidney’s cousin and one of the killers.

Woodsboro Police Uniform a bloody police uniform appears behind Dermot Mulroney’s character. He could be Dewey or the duo of Anthony Anderson and Adam Brody in Scream 4.

Gale’s books Journalist Gale Weathers has written several books about each of the cases she witnessed. And all of them can be seen in this scene.

Ghostface’s fantasies In one of the most impressive moments, we just see all the costumes used by the hitmen of the franchise in these five films. There are clothes for Billy, Stu, Mickey, Debbie, Roman, Jill, Charlie, Amber and Richie.

Woodsboro High School Flag Even the flag of Woodsboro High School, where the massacre took place in the first film, can be found in the scene.

bloody knife After completing the found items, we have the most obvious of them: a bloody knife. At the same time, this object can be from any of the five films, or even from this one.


If the immortal Jason Voorhees already had his film in New York back in the 80’s, why couldn’t Ghostface do the same? In the first shot of the trailer, we see an aerial shot of the “Big Apple,” the city that never sleeps followed by a scene where sisters Sam and Tara, fleeing Ghostface, take shelter in a supermarket, terrified.


In one of the most surprising scenes in the trailer, we see Ghostface use a firearm to eliminate a victim at close range for the first time in the franchise. Continuing on from the aforementioned moment when Sam and Tara are frantically in a supermarket, Ghostface steps in shortly after and eliminates a bully with stab wounds. The owner of the place soon pulls out a 12 gauge and dumps it into the insane, to no avail. The Psycho takes his gun and finishes him off with one mistake. We’ve already seen the killer use a firearm in the franchise, but it’s always after revealing his identity. This is the first time he’s done this in costume. After that, the killer chases the sisters in one of the most exciting parts of the new film. How will they escape?


Oh yes, the internet is already talking about the return of Stu (Matthew Lillard), one of the killers in the original film. There has long been a theory that Stu is actually alive and could return as one of the killers in the sequel. Even many believe it’s him in that scene at the supermarket because he has “blood in his eyes” for revenge. Notice how the mask looks old and worn it could have been stored for a long time. Or simply suffered damage in this film itself.


Another theory that fans have always dreamed of realizing has just come to fruition. After all, we live in a time where studios and producers really listen to the fan and deliver exactly what they want. The ultimate fan service. Let it be said by the recent SpiderMan: Never Go Home, which has fulfilled every wish of the fandom and then some. Here the same thing happens with the return of one of the franchise’s most popular characters, Kirby, played by Hayden Panettiere in the fourth film. Technically she had died, but she was brought back for another round by fans and producers.


The Scream 6 trailer was very tense. And one of the moments that made fans most nervous was the attack on Gale. The Courteney Cox character gets a call, and the villain is quick to say there’s never been a Ghostface like him. We know that it is the first with its own “ghost cave”. The masked assassin soon attacks and appears to kill an acquaintance of Gale’s in the same apartment, then gives chase to the journalist. She unloads a gun through the door, but it doesn’t seem to work as the guy jumps in front of her. Will Gale join Dewey on the other side this time? Or will it be just another provocation like in Scream 4?


Jenna Ortega has scored a great goal with the success of Wandinha on Netflix. But in the Scream franchise, she lives with Tara, the younger sister of Sam Carpenter (Melissa Barrera). Many suspected that Tara would be one of Scream’s (2022) killers, a theory shared by the characters in that film. It didn’t come to fruition. However, here we have this scene where she flashes a macabre smile worthy of Wandinha while someone tries to save her from falling off a building.


Knowing that directors Matt BettinelliOlpin and Tyler Gillett are the new commanders of the Scream franchise, it was only a matter of time before we would see blonde Samara Weaving in one of those films. The duo became famous through the film Bloody Wedding (2019) with the actress. Of course, they would include her in their current famous franchise. Weaving’s character is yet to be revealed, but here she is seen terrified on her cell phone in an alleyway. She may be the show’s usual “famous first victim”.


The moment the trailer ends was already shown in the teaser and promises to be one of the best scenes in the film. Three clips stand out in this first preview: the opening scene with Ghostface wielding a shotgun, the attack on Gale, and that moment on the subway. Here we noticed many costumed passengers on the train during Halloween. You can see Freddy Krueger and Pinhead (from Hellraiser) costumes, but for the characters, nothing compares to the fear felt at the sight of some Ghostfaces. Until the real one shows up and attacks Mindy (Jasmin Savoy Brown), Randy’s niece. Is it goodbye to her?


We’re following the behindthescenes drama surrounding actress Neve Campbell’s salary agreement for several months. The actress and the studio did not reach a consensus. Campbell claims they would pay her less than in previous films since she is the star of the franchise. The fact only proves the wage inequality that still dominates Hollywood and the world when it comes to women getting what is fair for their jobs. Paramount refused and Campbell left. Thus, the studio will release the first scream in the story without the involvement of Sidney, who is not seen in the trailer (fans were still hoping). Who knows, maybe she’ll come back for the seventh. We are waiting.

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