Panama shopping visa for ,550 and transit appointments for 0: the offers of this online store    Directory Cuban

Panama shopping visa for $1,550 and transit appointments for $550: the offers of this online store Directory Cuban

The Panamanian consulate in Cuba has not processed tourist visas on the island for some time. On more than one occasion they have warned that it is necessary to hire a lawyer in Panama who specializes in immigration procedures to apply for this.

However, there is a web platform in this country that ensures that it carries out the purchase visa process. This is PSTExpress, an online store in the Colon Free Zone that offers shopping visas, consular appointments for tourist visas, consular appointments for transit visas, among others.

As explained on their website, they provide all their customers with the travel planning service to Panama: from tourist visa to ticket, transportation, purchase and shipping.

“The shopping visa is an entry permit to Panama that PstExpress offers its customers, valid for a single entry for a stay of no more than 30 calendar days,” it reads.

How much does this Panama shopping visa cost?

The website states that the visa “retains an expense of $350 in notary fees and services, which will be deducted from the $1,500 deposit requirement in the Panamanian bank required for the procedure.”

Likewise, they clarify that “the $1,150 balance will be credited to the account and applies only to purchases and shipments made using the company’s business.”

This means that air tickets, transportation, accommodation and other services are provided independently if the customer so desires.

Purchase Visa requirements via PSTExpress

They point out on their page that only “a valid passport with a minimum term of 3 months and the initial payment of $1,500 to PstExpress” must be presented as requirements.

Those who wish to access the service must fill out a form assisted by the agents in charge of scheduling the process. The data that must be provided are: first and last name, telephone, whatsapp and email address.

All information can be checked directly with this page.

PSTExpress also offers the possibility to apply for a transit visa at the Panamanian Consulate in Cuba at a cost of $550. You can find out all the requirements by clicking on the underlined words.

On the site it is possible to make payments through Visa or Mastercard, cell, cryptocurrencies, bank transfer (never from a Cuban bank), Clave, ACH, Yappy, NEQUI, QvaPay or in person at their offices in Panama City, Colon, Free Zone or Miami .

Do you have any questions about the consular services offered by this shop? Contact the Panamanian Consulate in Cuba or the Immigration Office directly. Our side has already done this and has not yet received a response. You can also search their social networks for opinions or go to the site itself, which has an online chat system, from where they assured this Thursday that the services are active for Cubans.

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Previously, our site published reports from Cuban travelers who did not have access to visa appointments through the channels offered by the Embassy of Panama in Cuba.