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Panama sets record in energy consumption

According to the company, high demand was last recorded on April 4 (2,079 MW) and May 4 (2,171 MW); and it is possible that there will be a further escalation in the coming days.

Etesa called on all citizens to ensure efficient and sustainable use of energy, which means that consumers at both residential and industrial and commercial levels adopt conscious practices to minimize and optimize electricity consumption.

This increase in demand could be related to the surveillance report from the Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology of Panama in the last two days, where the temperature reached 36 degrees Celsius, but the thermal sensation rose from 42 to 48 degrees in less than 24 hours.

This situation resulted in heat stroke among populations exposed to outdoor activities.

According to Etesa’s General Director Carlos Mosquera, the peak in demand is a situation that should not cause concern among consumers or lead to electricity rationing decisions by sector authorities.

He explained that the increase in demand does not mean an increase in electricity costs, noting that the installed capacity in the country’s energy matrix is ​​practically double what is currently needed.

However, the official reiterated the importance of using electricity responsibly, especially given the already predicted high temperatures and hot spells being experienced.