Pamela Anderson appears without make up and causes many reactions

Pamela Anderson appears without make-up and causes many reactions – wink

It’s on the cover of the magazine women’s clothing daily that Pamela Anderson showed up without makeup and it didn’t take much to trigger a surge of reactions and comments!

The actress appears makeup-free on the cover of Women’s Wear Daily magazine to promote her Netflix documentary Pamela Anderson, a love story in which she gives herself uninhibitedly by speaking her truth.

Close up of her natural face covered in cute freckles, the luscious Pamela Anderson reveals her true nature, without any artifice.

In all sincerity and in all simplicity, in the spirit of his documentary, the icon of the Alerte à Malibu series is panicking the internet with positive comments: “Thank you for normalizing a look without makeup” or even “This shot is spectacular”.

Remember that Pamela Anderson, a perfectly sized blue-eyed blonde, became a must-have It girl in the ’90s with her famous red swimsuit. At every red carpet, the whole world wanted to recreate her brushes, her fine eyebrows and her makeup.

Twenty years later we discover it beautiful, of course!

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