Paloma Duarte, starring in ‘Beyond Illusion’ says, ‘I’m very transparent’

Paloma Duarte, starring in ‘Beyond Illusion’ says, ‘I’m very transparent’

Paloma Duarte Julia Johnson / TV Globo

Paloma Duarte Julia Johnson/TV Globo

Published on 07/31/2022 05:00 | Updated on 07/31/2022 07:33

Rio The talent of Paloma Duarte, 45, is unquestionable. The actress made audiences emotional with all the drama surrounding the story of Heloísa in Além da Illusion on TV Globo. in the interview per dayCommenting on the difficulty of preparing to bring the character, who has had ups and downs on the soap opera, to life, the artist says: “It was very difficult, and it still is. Alê (Alessandra Poggi, author) didn’t save until the last minute. Helô will definitely shape me forever”.

In the plot last week, a big secret of Heloísa came to light: she revealed to everyone that Olivia (Debora Ozório) is the daughter of Matias (Antonio Calloni) after the young woman was shot during a demonstration and needed the blood donation from the dad. Violeta (Malu Galli), the sister of Leônidas’ wife (Eriberto Leão), who is married to the judge, was shocked by the information and their clash was full of revelations.

And there’s a lot more to come. Paloma adds that the last part of the telenovela is full of surprises. “In the cast of our scenario, we joke that ‘the Camargo have no peace, they are cursed’ … There is still a lot to come, yes, but I can’t tell you,” muses the actress, who opines about the end of her Character: “I find the Helô very similar to a tragic character”.

Heloísa and Matias’ relationship has never been the best. After being seduced by the judge, conceived by him, threatened and her daughter put up for adoption in the past, she has repeatedly expressed her grudge against her brotherinlaw. In real life, however, Paloma is thrilled to be starring alongside Antonio Calloni, with whom she previously worked on TV Globo’s ‘Terra Nostra’ (1999), and talks about their feature reunion. “As curious and intense as it must be when we come across something big. Calloni is a great actor and I’ve had great moments with him,” he said.

The soap opera will also go down in the history of the actress for another reason: the artist can share some scenes with her grandfather Lima Duarte, who gave life to Afonso Camargo at the beginning of the storyline, and with her daughter Clara Duarte , who played in the younger Heloísa . “The best experience of my life! Working with my grandfather was always a dream! It was really something very special. I had worked with Clara before, but sharing a character is a different kind of bond. It was crucial for me,” he admits.

When asked about her similarities to Heloísa, Paloma muses, “Maybe the intensity,” says Paloma, who also considers herself a transparent and rather quiet person. “I’m very transparent. It’s easy to know what I’m thinking, just look me in the face. Quiet? There’s still room for improvement,” she laughs.

‘My biggest horny darling’
Mother of three Maria (from her relationship with singer Renato Lui), Ana Clara (from her relationship with actor Marcos Winter) and Antônio (from her relationship with actor Bruno Ferrari) assumes she is an owl. “Motherhood is how I see myself on this insane planet. My greatest horniness, my greatest love. In my spare time I’m an actress (laughs). But one must not forget that being a mother is an individual choice, a kind of calling.” , not a tacky obligation of society. My choice makes me more independent as a woman and not the other way around. It’s always about choices,” she insists, who, when asked if she wants to have more kids, jokes, “Bah, girl, enough”.

As the daughter of actress Débora Duarte and singersongwriter Antônio Marcos, Paloma still talks about her family’s artistic streak and looks back on her children’s career steps: “Clara is already following. Malu is studying medicine and Toni is very young, but still into music at the moment. Let’s see”.

Marriage and Personal Life

Married to Bruno Ferrari for ten years, the actress melts for her husband: “Bruno is my passion, my accomplice. We live life with a lot of humor and admiration,” says Paloma, who also reveals that the actor watches ‘Beyond Illusion’ and hints in some scenes: “He hints, yes, and I love it because I’m a big fan of the actor he is, of his sensibilities.”

On social media, it is common for the artist to share moments from her private life with fans. And she makes it clear that this interaction is very intuitive. “I don’t judge much. I post what I feel, what I like. Of course there are times when a post needs to be political and educational, remember the importance of taking a clear position in certain collective situations,” he stresses.

beauty and fitness

Beauty can even come from birth, but it’s always good to give that “enhancement”. Paloma Duarte then shares some of her little secrets: “I’m short, and I think it helps me in a way… I drink a lot of water and do Pilates. Botox and fillers once a year, with a lot of judgment and common sense as I only fill in the dark circles. Otherwise, I smile a lot, I think it helps.”