"Pain that is sometimes unbearable"Giovanni Allevi: cancer treatment has started

"Pain that is sometimes unbearable"Giovanni Allevi: cancer treatment has started

Giovanni Allevi discovered that he had a tumor and decided to tell everyone who was close to him. The confession is creepy.

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Composer Giovanni Allevi has updated those who follow him on social media and confessed that he discovered he had myeloma. It all happened a few weeks ago and the 53-year-old Italian singer shared his health status with those who follow him. Without saying too many words, he shared this difficult moment by posting a photo in his pajamas with this caption:

“But… does the soul exist? In my opinion, yes! If it exists, I can also separate it from the body and from the physical pain I feel, which is really unbearable at times. I can heal my body with therapy and with the magical energy that comes from your love.” Giovanni Allevi said that the pain was sometimes very severe and that he was forced to interrupt his tour because of this tumor Ecstasy 2022.

Allevi: the heartbreaking story of the tumor

Allevi, who has always thrown himself into music to fight problems, this time he couldn’t. In a very direct way, Allevi made the tumor known, without giving the opportunity to lead to strange theories and hypotheses on the Internet. “I discovered I have a sweet-sounding neoplasm: myeloma, but no less insidious.” said the composer.

However, Giovanni is very disturbed by how much pain his family, loved ones and those who follow him may feel for this situation that has befallen him. Among the many messages of support he received under the post was that of Fedezwho just a few months ago was diagnosed with a tumor and underwent surgery to remove it.

Many wanted to tease Allevi with a simple message, which isn’t that simple, because in these moments you always need to hear words of encouragement. In the weeks leading up to the announcement, Allevi had accused of physical pain, including very severe back pain, which hit him during a concert at the theater.

And only moments later did he discover that he had to start a fight to defeat the tumor that had invaded him. But this time, too, he and his family will be supported by the numerous people who have followed him for years.