1673287812 Pachuca vs Puebla LIVE When and where to watch Liga

Pachuca vs. Puebla LIVE: When and where to watch Liga MX 2023 TODAY?

Pachuca vs Puebla LIVE When and where to watch Liga

Pachuca vs Publa LIVE They are standing this Monday, January 9th for the first date of the final tournament from League MX 2023, starting at 9:10 p.m. (CDMX time) and at 10:10 p.m. (Peruvian time), at Hidalgo Stadium. The meeting will be televised TO LEARN j Fox sports. So you don’t miss this engagement and today’s games, you can watch the broadcast on La República Deportes.

Pachuca vs. Puebla: Party File

Pachuca vs PueblaLiga MX 2023 closes 1
when do they playTODAY Monday, January 9th
What’s the time?22:10 (Peruvian time) and 21:10 (CDMX time)
Where from?Hidalgo Stadium
Channel?TO LEARN

When are they playing Pachuca vs. Publa?

  • Mexico: 9:10 p.m
  • Peru, Ecuador, Colombia: 10:10 p.m
  • Venezuela, Bolivia: 11:10 p.m
  • Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil: 00:10 (Tuesday 10 January).

Which station is broadcasting Pachuca vs. Publa?

America vs. Querétaro will be broadcast on the TUDN channel, a signal that televises Liga MX matches. It will also be featured on VIX.

How to Pachuca vs. Puebla in TUDN?


  • Sky: Channel 547 (SD), Channel 1547 (HD)
  • IZZI: Channel 501 (SD), Channel 890 (HD).


  • Sky: Channel 551 (SD), Channel 1551 (HD)
  • IZZI: Channel 502 (SD).

How to get Pachuca vs. Puebla on Fox Sports?

  • Sky: 553/1553
  • Izzy: 505/892
  • Megacable: 20
  • Court: 330
  • Total game: 563.

Where to Watch Pachuca vs. City Online?

See Pachuca vs. City on the Internetyou need to go to La República Deportes website and follow every minute for FREE ONLINE thanks to TUDN and Fox Sports signals.

Pachuca vs. Puebla: possible alignments

  • pachuca: Oscar Ustari; Mauricio Isais, Gustavo Cabral, Oscar Murillo, Kevin Alvarez; Luis Chávez, Erick Sanchez, Paulino de la Fuente, Avilés Hurtado; Javier Lopez, Nico Ibanez.
  • Puebla: Antony Silva; Omar Fernández, Lucas Maia, Gastón Silva, Ivo Vázquez; Carlos Baltazar, Fernando Arce, Diego de Buen, Luis Garcia; Gustavo Ferrareis, Guillermo Martinez.