Pablo Montero goes to prosecutors after being sued for aggression by Ventaneando reporter

Pablo Montero goes to prosecutors after being sued for aggression by Ventaneando reporter

Posted in FAMOUS on 8/17/2022 5:37 PM

Mexico City.- According to the manufacturer’s instructions John Osorio having addiction problems with drinking, Paul Montero is facing a new controversy in his career, because a few days ago a video came to light in which the actor-singer can be seen attack to a reporter during a press conference who did not stand by and take legal action against him.

This Wednesday, the graduate Martha RiveraDirector of Attorney for Special Investigations in Coahuilaconfirmed that Pablo Montero responded to the authorities’ call following the journalist’s complaint Italy Herrera for aggression, threat and damage. In an interview about the show windowsRivera told what happened during the interpreter’s meeting with the prosecutor’s office Saltillo.

effectively […] the relevant subpoena was issued and he appeared to debunk the list he had been made aware of. He showed up, we informed him of the appropriate safeguards to prevent him from approaching the victim and from harassing acts, and he was also made aware of the content of the complaint,” the lawyer explained.

Martha Rivera later pointed out, “He came accompanied by his attorney, his legal team, and he was given the intervention he is legally entitled to, so that he would find out what the facts are, well what the complaint contains, since he is too.” learned about it through the media and appeared to be complying with what the law itself dictates in these cases”.

When asked if Pablo acknowledged the facts for which he was charged, the Mexican law official said: “At this point in the investigation, it is not the time to admit anything, it is just a matter of publicizing it as a preventive measure.” do a Protection in this case Italy because, as victims or complainants, they are entitled to these protections to ensure their safety, and that is already committing what we call harassment in the law”.

Regarding Montero’s response to the allegations against her, the attorney said: “She has made a statement in good faith, in the sense that she is best prepared to accept the responsibility that may arise at any given time when she is done researchand points out that when it is necessary to repair the damage, he is in the best position to do so”.

Finally, the director of the Coahuila Attorney’s Office for Special Investigations revealed the penalties the artist will receive if declared guilty: “In this case I can tell you that Italy requests the material part that Repair of property damagethis is your computer that has been damaged, a public apology and since both parties would have to perform a psychological attentionItaly with the aim of overcoming the event at a given moment and in the case of any person who commits an aggression, the Coahuila Penal Code indicates that this type of treatment must also be carried out precisely for the treatment of impulses “, he explained.

For his part, the singer-actor sent a statement to the media to express that he was in the best position to reach a redress agreement with the reporter and thus close this case.

Source: Tribune